We believe all men have sinned in failing to do all that God desires. A person cannot exist in this world without sin, because it is a spiritual characteristic of the entire race. No effort by man can produce righteousness before God.


Through faith man, drawn by the Holy Spirit, may accept the grace of God provided through the redemptive death of Christ.


Christ came as both God and man and as such was mediator, Sacrifice and Redeemer to bring to God those who believe. Salvation manifests itself in Justification, Experiential Sanctification, and Glorification.


  • Justification occurs at the time one receives Christ as personal Savior, and the Holy Spirit causes spiritual rebirth and indwells the believer.
  • Experiential sanctification is the process in which the believer grows in grace toward conformity with Jesus Christ.
  • Glorification is the final redemptive experience occurring when the believer comes into the presence of God in Heaven.


To be able to know our living and true God requires a miracle of the gracious revelation of Himself. To walk in worship with our living and true God is the privilege of all who know HIM.


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